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Automated Ambo is Handicap Accessible
     Accessibility to the church’s Ambo (speaking podium) became an issue recently when Father Johnson of St. Mary’s Church became aware that some parishioners had difficulty using the ambo during events due to its height and lack of adjustability. He contracted with a local designer and builder of church furniture, to design a height adjustable Ambo that would be electrically controlled to raise and lower to suit the needs of the varying heights of the speakers, especially of those confined to wheelchairs. The builder chose a motorized height adjustable lift system from American Sales Development (ASD) to allow smooth height adjustability built into the furniture without interfering with the look of the Ambo. The Ambo now travels up to 16 inches at the touch of a concealed up down switch. The system components were concealed inside the unit allowing no view of the mechanism, even at full extension. The system easily holds up to 750lbs and travels 0.375 inches per second.
     Lift systems from ASD consist of a pump, motor or hand crank and up to ten height- adjustable legs. ASD lift systems are easily installed via sets of threaded mounting holes in standard patterns. ASD Adjustable Lift Systems are available as bolt-on table leg lifts, built in lift cylinders and complete table frame systems.The ASD system allows a smooth height or angle adjustment of any work surface.  
     Established in 2006, ASD offers industry and consumers products to lift, move and control safely and ergonomically. ASD ergonomic products save time and money by reducing fatigue and injury in situations in which repetitive motions, heavy loads, and static work positions exist. Whether you are responsible for your company's ergonomic and health and safety initiatives or considering a lean material flow process, fork-free environment for the workplace or just seeking out a better way to perform your job or hobby, ASD can assist.
Ergonomic Dumpster Mover
American Sales Development (ASD) announces the latest addition to their line of electric powered tugs. The XPRESS PLUS-200 (Dumpster Mover.) The self-contained, battery powered, walk-behind tug was developed to eliminate manual pushing or pulling of heavy and unwieldy dumpsters and other wheeled industrial carts and receptacles. The unit includes a 24v battery pack and a spring-loaded fifth wheel with a dumpster compatible hook to handle loads up to 1500 lbs. This is equivalent to 250 lbs. drawbar pull capacity or roughly, the equivalent force exerted by 2.5 persons. The spring-loaded fifth wheel allows height adjustment of the hook when connecting  to the tugger and also helps to induce some of the weight of the dumpster onto the drive wheels of the tug, increasing its traction. Use of this tug reduces the number of persons needed to move and the Push/Pull" ability of the tug allows the operator to do more work with less effort. Production personnel can work all day with less energy exerted to increase job satisfaction and employee retention. Pushing and pulling are cited by OSHA as two of the five main repetitive movements that lead to long-term injury. Among the standard features available are an ergonomic height adjustable handle assembly, variable  forward and reverse speed controls, on board battery charger that operates on 110V AC, and safety features such as a kill switch, belly button and horn. What differentiates ASD Tugs is they are designed to perform like a large powered crowbar with great leverage to move heavy carts. The Tugs are heavier than the competition because weight is critical to performance. If the Tug doesn’t weigh enough for a given load you can induce weight onto the drive tires with the electric 5th wheel If there is too much weight on the 5th wheel, causing the back end to lift, the operator can push down on the adjustable handle assembly to add additional weight. The ASD Tug maximizes weight and leverage to give maximum traction to the drive tires. 

Height Adjustable Lift System Integrates With T-Slot Aluminum Profiles
     American Sales Development (ASD) announces the latest addition to their line of height adjustable table frame systems. The TQ system is derived from the widely used 45mm square 8mm T-slot aluminum profile. The adjustable leg consists of a colorless anodized extruded aluminum profile. An internal stainless steel tube is mounted on slide guides. The lifting movement is provided by hydraulic cylinders inside the tube. The lift is powered by a pump system that uses internal cylinders corresponding to the individual legs in the system. Up to ten legs may be controlled by a single pump and the lift is operated by either a hand crank or a motor with four programmable pre-sets. A variety of cross member lengths along with adjustable feet and casters allow the user to fabricate height adjustable frames or work stations. The profile has slots along the entire length on all four sides. The cross bars are supplied with pre fitted universal connectors that can be inserted into the table leg t-slots and secured with a tapered thread. The maximum lift available is 16”and there are two load capacity versions 337lbs and 562lbs. The adjustable legs come pre-fitted with 9.8 feet of tubing filled and bled at the factory. The user makes the final connection to the pump at the installation. The result is versatile, easily fabricated framing system that provides ergonomic height adjustment to any work surface, conveyor or operator station.
     The ASD lifting system is a single–action micro-hydraulic system with decisive advantages over conventional systems. Joined by flexible connecting lines it works precisely, load–dependent and completely synchronous. Apart from the high–quality workmanship and small dimensions, it is characterized by a high load and low–noise drive.
Bolt-on system makes any work surface ergonomically height adjustable   American Sales Development (ASD) announces its new bolt-on adjustable lift systems for easily  modifying existing tables, desks, work stations, assembly tables, podium, countertops or any work surface into an ergonomically height adjustable unit. Built in height adjustability is a desirable option offered by most workbench and workstation manufacturers. Such units can cost thousands of dollars however and restrain the availability of ergonomic height adjustability for workers. ASD bolt-on kits make ergonomically friendly work areas available to any existing work surfaces inexpensively and with minimal effort. ASD QS systems consist of four height adjusting legs, a pump, and either motor or hand crank actuation. Typical sit and stand height range is 12” but, the QS systems also offer travel distances of 8” and 16” for special situations. Each system arrives in one box completely assembled with drilling templates, ready to attach and operate. Systems are available from stock to 4 weeks and prices range from $433.00 to $690.00.  ASD Adjustable Lift Systems are available as bolt-on table leg lifts, built in lift cylinders and complete table frame systems. An ergonomic workspace will substantially reduce employee fatigue and most importantly, will help to reduce the risk of injuries. Reduced tiredness and an optimal work environment lead to higher motivation and therefore to increased productivity and efficiency up to 15%. ASD ergonomic lift systems are quickly cost justified and paid back within months. The ASD system allows a smooth height or angle adjustment of any work surface.     
Electric Tugger Does the Work Of Four Men
American Sales Development LLC.  (ASD) announces the ergonomic ASD electric walkie tugger that reduces the effort, strain and chance of injury when moving heavy or unwieldy loads in a manufacturing or warehouse environment.  With a capacity of up to 20,000lbs, on wheeled carts or trailers, the unit easily and safely replaces the effort of four persons, or up to 8 persons, with one.       ASD’s Tugger is an electrically powered, walk behind, wheeled cart and trailer mover constructed of formed 1/4" steel plate. The unit has an internal weight package to add traction capabilities. Additional traction is gained by slightly elevating the hitch mechanism, either manually by pushing down on the handle or with an optional hydraulically driven, 5th wheel to add some of the weight of the load to the Tugger’s drive wheels. With a 36v DC power circuit, heavy duty battery and on-board, 5-stage battery charger, the unit can run all day on a single charge. The ASD Tugger is ideal for companies developing fork free environments or using lean material flow processes. The unit can easily haul trains of carts from market areas to line-side assembly areas with effortless movement and great maneuverability in tight spaces. Additional applications are auto shops, food processing, transporting metal stock, paper or textile rolls, rigging, heavy-manufacturing of machine tools, aircraft, boats, trailers, vehicles, or granite tables. Ergonomically the ASD Tugger outperforms other material handling methods in ease of use, maneuverability, improved control and greater visibility. The unit’s adjustable ergonomic handle fits any size operator and promotes a comfortable walking posture.  No training, licensing or certifications are required and the intuitive controls greatly reduce the operator’s learning curve. Productivity improvements are immediate. The standard receiver unit accommodates many types of hitch attachments. Among these are a 5th wheel hook, pintle hitch, ball hitch, tongue and pin hitch, paper roller, push pad and custom attachments if needed. The ASD Tugger has many standard features that are optional with others. These include variable   speed control, horn, high and low speed, belly switch, adjustable handle, on-board battery charger, attachment receiver, foam filled tires, key switch, neutral throttle brake and a  traction weight package.