American Sales Development LLC - Ergonomic Products to Lift, Move, and Control
Desk and Work Station Lifts
ASD Adjustable Lift Systems are available as bolt-on table leg lifts, built-in lift cylinders and complete table frame systems. Lift systems offer designers automatic height adjustment of any work surface. In addition to desks and workstations, applications include assembly and folding tables, kitchen counter tops, sinks and cabinets, displays, flow hoods, abrasive blast cabinets, biological cabinets, fume hoods and conveyors. A system consists of a pump with either a manual or an electronic control, which actuates the moving single acting cylinders contained within the table legs.  ASD ergonomic lift systems are quickly cost justified and paid back within months. The ASD system allows a smooth height or angle adjustment of any work surface. Up to ten legs can be controlled by one pump allowing for synchronous control of multiple or long runs of workstations or conveyors.
 Bolt-on Manual Drive                         Bolt-on Motorized Drive
Bolt on height adjustable lift, motor controlled
Bolt on height adjustable lift, hand crank controlled 
  • 1000lb capacity
  • 6"-8"-12"-16" Travel
  • Completely Assembled
T-Slot 45mm Profile Legs/Frames

built in height adjustable lift system legs
Built-In or Bolt-on Leg Styles LD-LB-LA
  • Max. lifting capacity 337lbs per unit
  • Units with a lifting capacity up to 562lbs on request
  • Lifting lengths up to 27.6in.
  • Other designs on request
Height adjustable cylinders provide up to 24 inches of adjustability
Built-in Cylinders
  •  Load max. 337lbs per cylinder
  •  Cylinders up to 562lbs load upon request
  •  Lift length up to 23.6in. greater length upon request
  • Avoid side loads, special piston rod length on request
Height Adjustable pump systems power up to ten legs per pump.
  • PA to control one or two cylinders with a maximum bearing load of 660lbs
  • PB to control between three and ten cylinders with a maximum bearing load of 2,200lbs.
110vac motors operate the height adjustable lifts.
Simple hand crank operates the ergonomic liftsManual and Motorized Drives
  • Hand crank folds to hide underneath the table top
  • Motors A and B are controlled via cable remote control with up/down keys.
  • Type D has programmable preset positions and IR remote control
                                                           Complete height adjustable table frame up to 20 inches of lift and 1320lbs two legs     
Complete height adjustable table frame up to 20 inches of lift and 1320lbs three legs 
TA Modular Height Adjustable Table Frames
  • Manual or Motorized
  • Choice of center beam widths for 48" 60" or 72" Tables
  • Modular System all parts and fasteners provided
  • Control up to ten legs simultaneously
  • Load 337lbs per leg
  • Up to 19.7in.Travel
  • Top not included


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