American Sales Development LLC - Ergonomic Products to Lift, Move, and Control
Innovative Ergonomic Products for Workplace Material Handling in Manufacturing, Assembly, Home and Office, Distribution or Warehouse settings
  •  ASD can help you to ergonomically lift, move, control and:
  • Improve employee health and safety 
  • Save time and money  
  • Reduce workplace injuries and lost time accidents
  • Lower medical costs
  • Increase productivity

ASD ergonomic material handling and workspace products promote personal and employee health and safety and save time and money by reducing fatigue and injury in situations in which repetitive motions, heavy loads and static work positions exist. Whether you are responsible for your company's ergonomic, health and safety, lean material flow or fork-free initiatives or just seeking out a better way to perform your job or hobby, you will find something to assist you here. 
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For height adjustment of any work surface including benches, workstations, podiums, conveyors, fume hoods, sinks, cabinets
Sit and stand adjustable height lift systems
motorized adjustable height lift system bolt on typeAdjustable height complete table frame system
Effortlessly push or pull wheeled carts, dumpsters, trailers with loads up to 50,000 lbs.
Light duty ergonomic electric tug
Heaviest duty ergonomic electric tug with 5th wheel 
Lift and manipulate Barrels, drums, totes,containers, tubs, rolls up to 500lbs


Vacuum or magnetic lift bags, panels, boxes or spools up to 500lbs

Boxes, totes, bags,bulk containers, pallets always at the right ergonomic height. Break down or build up bulk loads without bending over
Self-leveling adjustable height loading and unloading material handling station
Self-leveling adjustable height loading and unloading material handling station for palletsSelf-leveling adjustable height loading and unloading material handling station for tubs with tilt feature
Reduce forklift traffic and deliver parts line side with trains of custom carts  for lean material flow and fork-free environments
Lean material flow delivery cart,tow-able
Tow-able lean material flow carts with turntable feature

Friction free air bearing, air cushion movement
Heavy Duty ergonomic air bearing platformsHeavy Duty ergonomic air bearing platforms




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